4 Quick & Easy Ideas to Energize Your Outdoor Living Area

4 quick and easy ideas to energize your outdoor living space

Summer is upon us, which means less time locked up inside and more time outdoors enjoying the best of Mother Nature! Why not kick off the season with gusto and give your outdoor living area a breath of fresh air? Whether it’s your first summer in a new home or your 20th year of enjoying your family home’s outdoor space, there are so many ways to freshen up the space and make it something truly special and unique that you can enjoy all season long. Not surprisingly, big changes and additions, like building a deck or adding a furniture set, can really transform the area, but there are also dozens of little things you can do as well. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


1) Add an outdoor rug.

Homeowners are often surprised at just how much of an impact a new rug can make on the look of a deck or patio. If you like chic and sophisticated, opt for a regal pattern, while those who want to blend the greens of nature with their outdoor living setup can choose a green design to bring the whole scene together. Not only do outdoor rugs add some color, but they can be used to protect ground materials and cover up any damage as well.


2) Get some throw pillows.

There is no easier way to freshen up an outdoor living space than by adding some outdoor throw pillows to the mix. It doesn’t take any planning, measuring, or overthinking–simply pick a few of your favorite colors and patterns and you’re set! Go for a bold pop of color in an otherwise muted color palette or pick some patterned pillows to create a visual focal point. Mix oversized 24”x24” styles with traditional 18”x18” pillows to add depth and an air of elegance to your outdoor furniture setup.


3) Place potted plants at the patio and/or deck entrance.

Potted plants elegantly frame the entrance to your outdoor living space and bring the natural elements of the outdoors to a comfortable seating and entertainment area. Choose flowers with a long blooming season so you and your guests can enjoy them for weeks on end, or, even better, position large planters with a variety of plants to ensure there’s something in bloom all summer long.


4) Put up outdoor curtains.

Outdoor curtains are the most adaptable addition to any outdoor living space. Use them to get some privacy from neighbors, to block the sun during peak hours, or even to make your own outdoor shower! They are also beautiful when hung in pairs to frame sections of a wooden structure, like a deck or pergola. 


Don’t just like your outdoor living space, love it! Freshening up your deck or patio doesn’t have to be complicated. By simply adding a few new accessories you can make the spot even more welcoming and comfortable for your guests this summer.

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