Hammock Health Benefits You Never Knew About!


When you think about hammocks, what words come to mind? Relaxing, low key, comfortablebut what about healthy? That’s right–experts have called out numerous health benefits to making hammock time a healthy part of your routine. Ready to put your feet up and enjoy a hammock in your own back yard? There’s no better time than now! Here are what loyal users and health experts have to say about hammock health benefits: 

Their rocking motion can lull you to sleep.

Just like a parent rocks a baby back and forth in his or her arms, the rocking motion of a hammock can be very soothing and comforting. That instant feeling of comfort can lead to faster sleeping times and a deeper sleep. 

That motion synchronizes brain waves.

A 2011 study showed that rocking during a nap leads to the synchronization of brain waves, which results in the quicker onset of sleep and deeper sleep benefits described above. 

They sometimes act as a natural cure for insomnia.

Those who have a hard time napping in a bed may find that sleeping in a hammock comes more naturally. 

They promote more outdoor time.

Most of us agree that spending more time outside is a great idea. And with a hammock in your yard, you’ll have the perfect spot to read a few chapters of a book, reflect, or make a call to catch up with a friend–any of which is better than spending the evening mindlessly watching TV! 

There are no pressure points on your body.

You know how it can be difficult to get comfortable when settling into bed or on the sofa? You don’t have to worry about those painful pressure points when you’re in a hanging hammock! 

They encourage an ideal sleeping position.

Many experts say that the best sleeping position is one in which you lay on your back with your head slightly elevated–in other words, the way you lay in a hammock! This opens the air passageways for unobstructed breathing and encourages healthy blood circulation. 

Hammocks are also a great place to hang out with friends and can serve as a fun swing for kids, too! They make a unique seating option for any backyard hangout spot. Check out our selection of hammocks and you’re sure to find the perfect addition to your home’s outdoor space.

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