Tips to Make Your Patio Cozier this Fall


Just because cooler fall weather is around the corner doesn’t mean you should plan on saying “goodbye” to your home’s patio or other outdoor entertaining area until spring. To the contrary, the change in seasons gives you the perfect reason to make a few updates and re-invigorate your love of your outdoor space. Here are a few can’t-go-wrong tips to make sure your patio or deck is cozy, warm, and ready for fall:


1) Warm things up with a patio heater.

Patio heaters not only ensure you and your guests will be toasty warm, but they also add visual appeal to your outdoor space. This square flame heater adds a dramatic artistic element with a singular vertical flame that shoots up through its center. We have heaters for every aesthetic, ranging from the boldly colored aqua patio heater to this all weather heater that features a woven wicker base and heats up to 9 feet of space around it.


2) Add pillows to chairs and other seating.

Sitting down on bare outdoor furniture can have you shivering in a matter of seconds this time of year. Make sure every chair has a pillow or two so that guests can sit back without touching their backs against exposed metal, wood, or plastic. Extra pillows provide cushioning and warmth.


3) Keep a few extra throw blankets handy.

Most of us enjoy the cool fall air on our cheeks, but when it comes to the rest of our body, we prefer to keep things a little toastier! Get some throw blankets that match your patio decor or color palette and drape them casually over love seats and chairs for guests to use. You can also roll them and place them in a dramatic, oversized basket.


4) Lay down an outdoor rug.

Placing an outdoor rug on your patio or deck can block cool air and make the whole space feel cozier, too. This Hammock Cottage Terra Cotta rug from our collection comes in 3 sizes and perfectly complements the colors of fall–it will look great with any pumpkins or gourds you have on display! And those who are looking for something practical that will camouflage dirt and debris, check out the Pawleys Island Outdoor Rug in Lowcountry Gray.


5) Serve warm drinks!

Last, but not least, don’t forget to plan on some comforting hot drinks to keep you, your family, and your friends warm while out enjoying your home’s patio and outdoor space this fall. A hot, steaming mug full of spiced apple cider, homemade chai, or mulled wine is the perfect addition to a crisp fall day outside!


Don’t let the cooler temperatures of fall keep you locked up inside. Follow our tips to make your patio warm and cozy and you’ll be ready to enjoy those lovely fall months all season long! And if you have more tips to get your patio ready for fall, please share them with us in the comments section below. Happy Fall, from all of us at Patio34!

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