Ways to Spruce up Your Front Entrance this Summer


Your home’s front entrance sets the tone for the energy of your home. It makes a first impression and greets guests as they arrive for a dinner or party. If your front entrance is lacking in personality, don’t fret; there are lots of ways to spruce it up. Whether you have a simple set of stairs or a big front porch with lots of space, you can tap into ideas like these to make sure it looks polished and inviting.


Incorporate greenery.

It’s easy to add some plants to your front entrance, whether you have a green thumb or not. A few colorful hanging baskets can be hung with basic hangers you’ll find at any local home improvement store. Oversized pots come in classic designs that look regal and sophisticated, as well as in bold colors and patterns that demand visual attention.


Add some seasonal decorations.

A simple outdoor table can be updated every month with a few decorations that celebrate a holiday or change in seasons. Look to nature for simple decor that fits with any front entrance style–for example, a quirky variety of pumpkins and gourds in October, or a bowlful of pinecones and leaves in November.


Post your house number in a personalized way.

You may think of a house number plaque as a purely functional accessory for any home, but why not have a little fun when choosing how you’ll display that info? A quick online search will turn up hundreds–if not thousands!–of products and ways to show your house number by your front entrance.


Accent the front entrance with light fixtures.

From sconces to pendant lighting, there are lots of options when it comes to choosing a light fixture, or several, to illuminate your front entrance. If your house has a strong design aesthetic in a specific architectural style, such as Craftsman, Victorian, or Colonial, do a little research to find a style that complements it well.


Add a splash of color.

You can have fun introducing bold colors to your front entrance. Try putting a few outdoor pillows in chairs and other seating. Place a brightly colored welcome mat at the front door. If you’re really looking for something new, a boldly colored front door makes a big statement and can add major curb appeal, too!


Does your front door make a good first impression on guests? We hope that our tips will help inspire you to spruce up your front entrance so you’ll feel proud of it every time a guest arrives!

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