6 Tips to Keep Your Hammock in Top Condition


If you read our blog, then you know that we’re big fans of hammocks. (Check out this recent blog post* to learn more about hammock health benefits!) And if you’ve recently purchased a hammock from us, or are planning to do so soon, you’ll want to follow these basic tips to keep it in its best condition.


1) Be mindful of the weight limit.

All of the hammocks we sell are designed to hold a maximum weight of 450 pounds. Putting excess weight on one can result in tears to the fiber or even large-scale rips.


2) Bring it in during extreme weather.

Regardless of what type of hammock you have, you’ll want to store it in a safe and dry place during major storms. Heavy snow, rain, winds, and other environmental factors can cause excess damage.


3) Store it during long periods when it won’t be used.

There’s no point in exposing your hammock to the elements for long periods of time if it won’t get any use or attention. So, for example, if the weather drops and you know you won’t spend much time relaxing in your hammock for the winter months, it’s a good idea to bring it in.


4) Keep it free of debris.

Bacteria grows on natural debris, like fallen leaves and twigs. That can lead to the growth of mold or mildew, even on the highest quality hammocks. Simply wipe off debris like this and clean up spills before these types of problems develop.


5) Be aware of the type of material.

Different models are constructed of various materials, some of which are more weather-, mold-, and stain-resistant than others. Know what your hammock is made of and pay extra attention to when it should be stored based on what is recommended for that specific type of rope.


6) Hand wash your hammock pillow.

To keep your hammock pillow in its designed shape, avoid machine washing. Instead, spot clean as necessary. Be sure to completely dry the pillow before storing it or putting it in a dark or damp spot.


By following these guidelines, you can help ensure your hammock looks its best and has a long lifespan. If you’re in the market for a hammock, check out our collection of hammocks, stands, and specially designed pillows. And if you have other questions about choosing the right hammock, installation, or care, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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