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Ways to Spruce up Your Front Entrance this Summer 0

Your home’s front entrance sets the tone for the energy of your home. It makes a first impression and greets guests as they arrive for a dinner or party. If your front entrance is lacking in personality, don’t fret; there are lots of ways to spruce it up. Whether you have a simple set of stairs or a big front porch with lots of space, you can tap into ideas like these to make sure it looks polished and inviting.


Incorporate greenery.

It’s easy to add some plants to your front entrance, whether you have a green thumb or not. A few colorful hanging baskets can be hung with basic hangers you’ll find at any local home improvement store. Oversized pots come in classic designs that look regal and sophisticated, as well as in bold colors and patterns that demand visual attention.


Add some seasonal decorations.

A simple outdoor table can be updated every month with a few decorations that celebrate a holiday or change in seasons. Look to nature for simple decor that fits with any front entrance style–for example, a quirky variety of pumpkins and gourds in October, or a bowlful of pinecones and leaves in November.


Post your house number in a personalized way.

You may think of a house number plaque as a purely functional accessory for any home, but why not have a little fun when choosing how you’ll display that info? A quick online search will turn up hundreds–if not thousands!–of products and ways to show your house number by your front entrance.


Accent the front entrance with light fixtures.

From sconces to pendant lighting, there are lots of options when it comes to choosing a light fixture, or several, to illuminate your front entrance. If your house has a strong design aesthetic in a specific architectural style, such as Craftsman, Victorian, or Colonial, do a little research to find a style that complements it well.


Add a splash of color.

You can have fun introducing bold colors to your front entrance. Try putting a few outdoor pillows in chairs and other seating. Place a brightly colored welcome mat at the front door. If you’re really looking for something new, a boldly colored front door makes a big statement and can add major curb appeal, too!


Does your front door make a good first impression on guests? We hope that our tips will help inspire you to spruce up your front entrance so you’ll feel proud of it every time a guest arrives!

6 Tips to Keep Your Hammock in Top Condition 0

If you read our blog, then you know that we’re big fans of hammocks. (Check out this recent blog post* to learn more about hammock health benefits!) And if you’ve recently purchased a hammock from us, or are planning to do so soon, you’ll want to follow these basic tips to keep it in its best condition.


1) Be mindful of the weight limit.

All of the hammocks we sell are designed to hold a maximum weight of 450 pounds. Putting excess weight on one can result in tears to the fiber or even large-scale rips.


2) Bring it in during extreme weather.

Regardless of what type of hammock you have, you’ll want to store it in a safe and dry place during major storms. Heavy snow, rain, winds, and other environmental factors can cause excess damage.


3) Store it during long periods when it won’t be used.

There’s no point in exposing your hammock to the elements for long periods of time if it won’t get any use or attention. So, for example, if the weather drops and you know you won’t spend much time relaxing in your hammock for the winter months, it’s a good idea to bring it in.


4) Keep it free of debris.

Bacteria grows on natural debris, like fallen leaves and twigs. That can lead to the growth of mold or mildew, even on the highest quality hammocks. Simply wipe off debris like this and clean up spills before these types of problems develop.


5) Be aware of the type of material.

Different models are constructed of various materials, some of which are more weather-, mold-, and stain-resistant than others. Know what your hammock is made of and pay extra attention to when it should be stored based on what is recommended for that specific type of rope.


6) Hand wash your hammock pillow.

To keep your hammock pillow in its designed shape, avoid machine washing. Instead, spot clean as necessary. Be sure to completely dry the pillow before storing it or putting it in a dark or damp spot.


By following these guidelines, you can help ensure your hammock looks its best and has a long lifespan. If you’re in the market for a hammock, check out our collection of hammocks, stands, and specially designed pillows. And if you have other questions about choosing the right hammock, installation, or care, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Hammock Health Benefits You Never Knew About! 0

When you think about hammocks, what words come to mind? Relaxing, low key, comfortablebut what about healthy? That’s right–experts have called out numerous health benefits to making hammock time a healthy part of your routine. Ready to put your feet up and enjoy a hammock in your own back yard? There’s no better time than now! Here are what loyal users and health experts have to say about hammock health benefits: 

Their rocking motion can lull you to sleep.

Just like a parent rocks a baby back and forth in his or her arms, the rocking motion of a hammock can be very soothing and comforting. That instant feeling of comfort can lead to faster sleeping times and a deeper sleep. 

That motion synchronizes brain waves.

A 2011 study showed that rocking during a nap leads to the synchronization of brain waves, which results in the quicker onset of sleep and deeper sleep benefits described above. 

They sometimes act as a natural cure for insomnia.

Those who have a hard time napping in a bed may find that sleeping in a hammock comes more naturally. 

They promote more outdoor time.

Most of us agree that spending more time outside is a great idea. And with a hammock in your yard, you’ll have the perfect spot to read a few chapters of a book, reflect, or make a call to catch up with a friend–any of which is better than spending the evening mindlessly watching TV! 

There are no pressure points on your body.

You know how it can be difficult to get comfortable when settling into bed or on the sofa? You don’t have to worry about those painful pressure points when you’re in a hanging hammock! 

They encourage an ideal sleeping position.

Many experts say that the best sleeping position is one in which you lay on your back with your head slightly elevated–in other words, the way you lay in a hammock! This opens the air passageways for unobstructed breathing and encourages healthy blood circulation. 

Hammocks are also a great place to hang out with friends and can serve as a fun swing for kids, too! They make a unique seating option for any backyard hangout spot. Check out our selection of hammocks and you’re sure to find the perfect addition to your home’s outdoor space.

Why Get an Outdoor Rug? We’ll Tell You the Benefits! 0

You may not have ever stopped to think about the benefits of adding an outdoor rug or two to your home’s outdoor living space. If you haven’t, let us be the first ones to tell you–there are lots of great things about outdoor rugs! Sure, they’re attractive and come in plenty of colors and patterns. But outdoor rugs do a lot more than just look good. Here are some benefits that show just how valuable a great outdoor rug can be!


They protect the floor.

Hand-laid stone, rubber tiles, and concrete floor materials can easily be chipped and damaged with standard use. Wooden deck flooring, especially, can take a beating with heavy foot traffic. Strategically placing outdoor rugs in these areas can help ensure your outdoor flooring investment lasts longer.


They cover up damage.

Not only does an outdoor rug cover up a pristine floor, it also serves as an excellent cover-up to damaged flooring. Does your deck floor have water damage or your stone patio have cracks that you haven’t had time to repair? An outdoor rug is just what you need to cover up some of that damage and spruce up the space until you make those repairs or renovations!


They make it easy to update your outdoor living space.

If you’re looking for a fast and simple way to freshen up your outdoor living space, without getting into a major DIY project or an expensive makeover, you’ll definitely want to consider outdoor rugs. We have lots of colors and designs to choose from. Pick your favorite, have it shipped (free on orders over $75!), then just unroll it and you’re set! No instructions to follow and no assembly required. Pair a new outdoor rug with a few of our outdoor pillows–now that’s an easy mini makeover!


They provide comfort for barefoot guests…

and you, and your kids, and anyone at your house who likes spending time outside without their shoes on!


For those who enjoy coordinating accessories and truly take pride in perfecting their home’s outdoor living space, an outdoor rug is a must-have part of the setup. They can really pull the entire look together and set boundaries around an otherwise free-flowing space. To see our entire collection of outdoor rugs, head on over to our product page. Thanks for reading our blog–keep coming back for more posts!

Why We Swear by Sunbrella Fabric 0

At Patio34, we’re sticklers for quality. That’s why we swear by a specific set of manufacturers and brands when it comes to our collection of outdoor living products. Sunbrella fabric is one of the materials we’re most impressed with. It is a key element of our entire collection of outdoor pillows and outdoor curtains. In case you’re wondering why we’re such big fans of Sunbrella fabric, check out this list of features and facts about the company and its products:


Sunbrella fabric is easy to clean.

Taking care of our outdoor pillows and outdoor curtains is easy. Basic spot cleaning with a simple water and detergent blend will take care of most issues, though machine washing is an option for larger spills or stains. Thanks to the way the fabrics are colored, bleach can be even used for cleaning. (For more cleaning tips, check out our recent blog post on the topic.)


Outdoor curtains made with Sunbrella fabric provide protection from the sun.

And don’t just take our word for it–the Skin Cancer Foundation has named Sunbrella fabric as a resource to prevent sun-induced skin damage.


Sunbrella fabric is very durable.

In fact, the brand boasts a lifespan of up to ten times longer than other fabrics!


The material is colored, not dyed.

The company doesn’t dye its fabrics. Instead, it has an innovative coloring process that produces absolutely no wastewater and requires less energy consumption than traditional dyeing processes.


The company is committed to sustainability.

There are a number of fabrics manufactured by Sunbrella, including some that are made with 50% recycled materials. The company is GREENGUARD GOLD certified and is working to reduce its carbon footprint in a number of ways.


The Sunbrella brand has been around since 1961 and has spent the last 50+ years adding to its capabilities and developing even more high quality products. If you have questions about any of the products we sell, including those that feature Sunbrella fabrics, we invite you to call or email us at any time. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you find exactly what you’re looking for to enhance your home’s outdoor living space